Trump’s First Foreign Trip

June 1, 2017

Jason gives one of his listeners advice on how not to be depressed, news of a potential fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, how even deer want the latest Walmart deal, and the Dutch king works part time flying planes.

In the main event Jason recounts the best parts (in his mind) of President Trump's first overseas trip in his term including meeting the Pope and enjoying his stay in Saudi Arabia.

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Dumb Criminals and Weekly US News

May 16, 2017

Jason responds to a listener's question about forgetting your girlfriend's birthday. In weekly news Jason drops the bombshells that Will and Grace is returning to NBC as well as the return of American Idol to TV on ABC. Also Jason does a quick recap of headlines in this week's news that he's predicted in passed podcasts, which is why you should subscribe to Cox News on iTunes or today! 

In the main event Jason talks about a few of the dumb criminals in recent news and shares a couple touching memories of sports figures who have passed away recently. (click Like!)

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Stephen Colbert’s Holster Joke

May 8, 2017

Jason Cox shares his personal take on Stephen Colbert's rant regarding President Trump but not before a quick roast of Hillary coming out of the woodworks finally, he answers some fan questions, and also quickly covers some of the Daytime Emmy Award ceremony results.

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Rhino Horn Powder Good for You?

April 29, 2017

After Jason gives props to Skillet and The Game Show Network he covers several topics in the news today; Jeb Bush to become the second Bush to own a major league baseball team, Dale Earnheart Jr. is retiring, Netflix got hacked, and a little in the NFL. In the main event he covers the eastern demand for rhinoceros horns for medicinal and not-so medicinal purposes.

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Aaron Hernandez Gay?

April 23, 2017

In this podcast Jason gives his personal take on the United Airlines/Dr. Dao fiasco and the Cleveland Indians logo coming under fire in recent weeks. Also PED usuage in sports in general, how Eli Manning compares to Hillary Clinton, and in the main event: new rumors suggest recently deseased murderer Aaron Hernandez led a secret gay life and what it means for you, if you're leading a secret gay life.

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Better Switch to Coca-Cola!

April 10, 2017

Jason Cox wants you all to rethink the Pepsi commercial/Jenner controversy. Also on the podcast are reviews of WrestleMania 33, The Walking Dead season 7 finale, Sergio Garcia finally winning a major, UNC's NCAA title (and possible government collusion), and the newest feature on Facebook.

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Tom Brady’s Jersey is Found!

April 3, 2017

Jason shares his thoughts on Tom Brady's jersey being found in Mexico and why this was a priority in this country. Also, Trump's wiretapping accusations confirmed, austism on Sesame Street, a McDonald's employee celebrates 44 years with the company, and a rant on National "insert whatever here" Day. Featuring a YouTube video of Espana Got Talent sent in by a fellow listener!

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Cox Commute Return!

March 22, 2017

Trying again for the first time in months - the Cox Commute podcast! Jason rambles through thoughts on the WBC, sketchy car dealerships, and home buyer probs, all while driving to work!

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Gun Control is for the Young (Apparently)

March 13, 2017

Jason Cox covers a few areas of entertainment on this podcast including The Walking Dead, WWE and the current title picture heading into WrestleMania, and a recent news story regarding the NFL and ex-players. 

Also covered is the bird flu outbreak at a Tyson Food plant, and problems with Google's searching algorithm resulting in more fake news.

In the Cox News main event Jason covers a rather old story about gun control relating to a murder charge in Florida back in 2014. 

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President Trump’s Speech Heard Round the World

March 2, 2017

Jason Cox covers a plethora of topics in tonight's podcast including Kevin Durant's (very) recent knee injury scare, Keanu Reeves movies, WWE pay per views, The Walking Dead, and musical legend Aretha Franklin's retirement. In the main event Jason goes over highlights from President Trump's first speech to Congress as well as fact checking a few points of said speeck.

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