The Listeners Write In

August 15, 2017

In episode 46 the listeners write in their responses to past tweets and comments from episode 45 as well as Sinead O'Connor and Yankees news. Also Jason talks about Ezekiel Elliot's suspension and another NFL big name who sat for the National Anthem during preseason weekend. Trump/North Korea are also discussed, and during the show Jason reads live texts from Frosty - 1/3 of The Hara Club ladies!

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Trump’s Vacation, plus Dumb Criminals

August 6, 2017

In this episode Jason goes over President Trump and his vacation, Affordable Healthcare; is it stronger than ever? Angelina Jolie, Usain Bolt, and in the main event - Dumb Criminals. or

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Cox Commute: Microchipping

July 31, 2017

Jason talks about a recent company's decision to microchip employees as well as Illinois adding themselves to the sugar drink tax team in this country's pretend fight against obesity, all while driving to work.



U.S. No Longer World Power

July 25, 2017

This episode covers Canadian road rage, Ann Coulter and her unknown mean side, a dog saves a deer from drowning and the U.S. is no longer considered a world power... according to an obscure study done by an obscure group in Oregon.

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Carrie Underwood Getting Divorced?

July 17, 2017

Jason recaps 4 months worth of Carrie Underwood and her divorce rumors. Also on the show are rants on booger-green cars, Mayweather and McGregor's media farce is finally over, Lebron James to the Lakers? And Kim Kardashian does coke in front of her kids.




President Trump Meets Putin

July 10, 2017

Jason gives his personal spin on our president meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in the podcast main event. Also in the episode are stressful amusement park stories and headlines, tennis great Venus Williams' trial for wrongful death, and Aaron Judge makes more history for the New York Yankees.

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Last Man Standing

July 3, 2017

Jason defends Tim Allen for his remarks about Republicans and Nazi Germany on the Jimmy Kimmel show which got his show, Last Man Standing on ABC, cancelled. Also, Rob Gronkowski's legal trouble, Donald Trump "beats up" CNN, and an abandoned hit operation by a former NFL star.

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Today on Cox News; Jesse the Maltheist

June 26, 2017

Jason interviews avid Youtuber and bible lover Jesse; a self proclaimed maltheist - one who believes God is evil. Jesse has a chilling revelation about the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom and needs to get the message out! Listen to find out what that message is!


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Cox Commute: Apple Music

June 16, 2017

Jason talks about the pros and cons of joining Apple Music, all while driving home from work.


Mayweather vs. McGregor

June 15, 2017

Subscribe to Apple Music if you haven't already! Jason talks a little about the Paris Agreement, Reality Leigh Winner (weird name) and her leaking of information, James Comey's testimony (of course) and the official announcement of a boxing match between Floyd Mayweather the woman beater and Connor McGregor the underqualified (double of course). Featuring the appearance of Jason's wife Melanie as the far away person on the mic.

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